About Us

holding handsAt Ashlee Care, our caregivers have steadily made a significant connection with all of our residents, pledging their allegiance in bringing a remarkable experience of comfort and ease in their daily struggles. We consider your seniors as our family. We are a home where 24/7 assisted living can be achieved.

Mission statement

Ashlee Care has a mission to serve the elderly population in the community. We have assembled a team of caregivers and created this conducive environment for seniors with assisted living needs. At all times, we shall provide assisted living care to your loved ones with kindness, respect and a caring heart.

Our Philosophy

It is our fervent belief that good people can make a difference by putting the resident first, listening to their needs and having fun in a home environment. With all of our capacity, we will create a meaningful assisted living experience for your loved ones at Ashlee Care.

Like how a child takes care of his parent, our caregivers will bathe, clothe, prepare meals and will even join residents during those meals which we share over bubbly conversations, exchanging stories and bonding with each other. No one will be left alone in isolation, not with the good company we keep.

Through assisted living services, we secure a quality of living for your elder where daily needs are addressed and quality well-being is holistically met. We see to it that our residents’ stay with us will be a rewarding and worthwhile experience.